Rose Bubble Tip Anemones

Ocean-quality Rose Bubble Tip Anemones.

Premium Euphyllia

Multicolored Hammer and Frogspawn. Multiple head count available upon request.

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Rare Ricordia!
Rhodactis and Mushrooms!
"I take pride in my corals and will always strive to provide the top quality corals and the best prices. My knowledge might be matched, but my service will not be!"
Matt Sexton
Leathers and More!

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Shipping Policy

Secure and fast shipping on all orders. Specimen cups used when possible - not using bags. I use UPS and you can see the rates during the checkout process. I now ship in styrofoam insulated boxes with a heat pack in the box.

Money-back Guarantee

Refunds issued only in the case of inadequate delivery at the fault of Indy Coral Store and up to the discretion of Indy Coral Store. We strive to make all issues right. I only guarantee orders when appropriate shipping methods are used. Shipping charges and/or box fees and not refundable.
uPS Ground orders only guarnateed in INDIANA.
All other states of delivery must use UPS Overnight for 100% Money-back guarantee.

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